Lavender Oil and a Good Night’s sleep

Lavender Oil and a Good Night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is a crucial part of your day. Without restful sleep, you will be cranky, anxious, tired, and possibly suffer from brain fog or a mental slowdown. If you always feel tired, even in the morning, you may not be getting enough sleep, or it may not be of sufficient quality to refresh your body.
Essential oils can help enhance your sleep if you suspect that your sleep quality or quantity is lacking.
Everyone is different, so I can’t say which ones will work best for you but Lavender has long been used to ease tension and encourage relaxation. It relieves stress, acts as an anti-depressant and has sedative properties.


  • Create a Misting Spray. If you don’t have a good essential oil diffuser but want to use aromatherapy, a misting spray is an answer.
  • Add Essential Oils to Your Bathwater. If you enjoy a calming bath before bed, you can get even more relaxation by adding a few drops
  • Use Essential Oil Products at Bedtime…
  • Make a 10% solution of lavender oil and sesame oil or coconut oil (one drop of lavender oil to 9 drops of carrier oil). Place four drops of the oil mixture on a cotton ball and place it into a small cup or glass. Hold the cup about 6 to 8 inches below your nose and inhale the aroma, taking ten deep breaths. Place the container on your bedside table, near your head, overnight.

Furthermore, several small studies show that lavender oil enhances sleep mild to moderately well. In one study, done by the University of Southampton, participants who used lavender oil aromatherapy at night averaged 20% better sleep than the placebo group. Some people use a mixture of lavender oil and Roman chamomile for the best results.

If you don’t have any lavender essential oil, you can also use lavender as one of the plants for your bedroom in much the same way.

February – the National month of the Grapefruit

February – the National month of the Grapefruit

During the month of February, get your fill of the ruby reds, marsh, pomelo and oroblanco because it is National Grapefruit Month!

These citrus fruits range from white to red and sweet to tart but add a brightness to the tongue that will make anyone perk up. And, grapefruits are extremely healthy for you.

High in vitamins C and A, grapefruits also pack in the potassium. They contain no cholesterol or sodium and only 52 calories per serving.

This month, celebrate by eating all the grapefruit you want and enjoy this tart snack guilt-free!

How to Observe

Try one of the several varieties of grapefruit until you find one you like and use #NationalGrapefruitMonth to share on social media.

Good news, it’s citrus season! That means it’s the best time of year to add a little grapefruit to your diet. Want a few more excuses? Here you go.

  1. Grapefruit is loaded with Vitamin C, and is friendly to basically any and every diet on the planet. It’s cholesterol-free, fat-free, gluten-free, raw, vegan, full of antioxidants, and the list goes on.
  2. Its trees are packed with the fruit. One grapefruit tree can produce more than 1,500 pounds of fruit.

Finally, try our Grapefruit diffusers or candles; the grapefruit scent helps focus the mind. Great if you are studying or have a big project to get done!

Toxic Air Fresheners – Beware!

Toxic Air Fresheners – Beware!

Do you read the labels on your synthetic air fresheners?

The ingredients in air fresheners can be toxic to your health and can be responsible for causing irregular heartbeats, headaches, depression, earaches and diarrhoea in babies.

All these symptoms can be traced back to the phthalates that are found in most common air fresheners. Phthalates are chemicals that are added to your air fresheners in order to sustain the fragrance in the product for longer.

Many air fresheners don’t even list them on the bottle. So if in doubt the best solution is to open windows to bring in fresh air or to use fans to maintain air circulation.

Or even better don’t use them at all!