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Candles - Three Wick Candles - Diffusers - Diffuser Refills - Room Sprays - Gift Vouchers

Made from only the most pure and organic essential oils

Iris Organics was created out of a love of using organic products and all things oily! We only use essential oils in our candles, no synthetic perfumed fragrances. All the candles are free from parabens, additives, preservatives and use Soy wax, not paraffin or mineral wax.

Adding essential oils versus perfumes can create mood differentiators. We all know that Lavender is calming and relaxing but did you know that Cedarwood & Bergamot mixed together can relieve tension and relax the nerves or that Grapefruit can focus the mind?

Looking for a gift but not sure what to choose?

Why not give your special someone a gift voucher so they can buy what they want, when they want to!


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Haslemere, Surrey

In a time where health and wellbeing is at the forefront of our minds, we believe it is important to know what we put into our environment. Iris Organics is all about the good stuff!!