The benefits of essential oils in candles and aromatherapy

Iris Organics Admin
04 Nov , 2021

Did you know…essential oils can be dated as far back as 6000 years ago!  It was the Egyptians that first used essential oils in baths and massages.  It was also the chief method for the embalming process.

There are so many kinds of scented candles available on the market ideally soy candles are recommended over petroleum.  Soy candles are more appropriate since they do not contain any artificial additives.  These are naturally made and therefore allow users to garner the benefits of the aroma much better.  Candles made from petroleum and synthetic based waxes should be dismissed for aromatherapy since the wax affects the scent and may negate the positive benefits being sought.

Although aromatherapy using soy candles aren’t a cure-all for all ailments, it does offer a great number of advantages:-  Insomnia, muscle tension, allergies, reducing stress and maintaining focus.

Check the labels on candles or the ingredient lists when purchasing on line, its certainly worth it!

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